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Coming to Cape Town soon and want to know what to expect in the way of traditional Cape food? Car Rental Cape Town has put together a short guide to some of the unique food you can expect to find in Cape Town, which you won't find anywhere else in the world. So, if you are interested in learning a bit more about Cape Town food then take a minute to read on and there are links to recipes for you to try! We've tried to link to a recipe or more information wherever possible, and if you have any suggestions please Email Me

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The name 'bobotie' is derived from the Indonesian "Bobotok" and is thought to have its origins in Batavia (what is now modern-day Jakarta). Bobotie is a mildy spicy curried mince meat topped with a baked egg-based topping and there are many variations on the basic recipe. Along with the curry powder, egg and mince other ingredients common to bobotie include dried fruit, chopped onion, lemon juice and rind as well as milk soaked white bread. The dish is often served with nuts, chutney or chopped bananas. Though curry powder is used, bobotie is very mild and sometimes sweet and it's complex flavours make it a definite Cape Malay food favourite worth trying whilst in Cape Town.

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Gatsby Sandwich

Something you are unlikely to come across outside of the Western Cape region is the Gatsby sandwich, which is similar to a 'submarine sandwich'. Consisting of a long bread roll which has been cut lengthwise, a Gatsby is filled with hot potato chips along with various other accompaniments of your choosing including chicken, steak, calamari, polony or sausage. A Gatsby can be quite a filling meal, depending on the size you order, and is great to share if you are with a travelling companion and an affordable, unique take-away meal not to be missed if you are interested in trying the 'street food' of Cape Town.

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Koeksisters are small, sweet cakes made of deep fried dough which is then dipped in sugar syrup and served cold. There are two variations of koeksisters in South Africa, with the Cape Malay version being the spicier of the two, which is dipped in flaked coconut and tasting more like a doughnut. A koeksister is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth and you will find them at most small cafés around Cape Town. They are a great snack and go down well with a cup of tea or coffee, to give you a sugar boost.

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Milk Tart

Milk tart (referred to as 'Melktert' in the local language Afrikaans), as the name suggests is a tart with a filling of milk, eggs, sugar and flour topped with cinnamon in a crust pastry. Milk tart can be enjoyed straight out of the oven or cold from the fridge. If you love sweet foods, don't leave Cape Town without making sure you order yourself a slice of milk tart, as it is a local favourite you won't find anywhere else in the world, though it is popular throughout South Africa, not just in Cape Town.

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