What is the weather for Cape Town?

So, you are planning a holiday in Cape Town, or a day out and want to know what the weather is going to be like? We'll help you with some useful Cape Town weather resources so you can find out exactly what the weather in Cape Town will be doing, so you can plan for the day ahead.
Have a great day in the most beautiful place in South Africa, Cape Town!

Need a Cape Town Weather Report?
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What is the weather going to be in Cape Town?

Headed out to the beach for the day, or down the coast for the weekend in Cape Town? Or maybe you are planning a holiday in Cape Town and need to find out a little more about the weather before you arrive? We'll help you find out exactly (hopefully) what the weather in Cape Town will be doing, so follow the useful links below and have a great time in our beautiful city, Cape Town.

South Africa Weather Service
The official MET office (Meteorological Office) weather for South Africa is available at WeatherSA, where you can find weather reports for Cape Town and the rest of the country. Though I am sure they won't agree, having used it for many years, don't always take it as your only source of weather information in Cape Town or the rest of South Africa. Though as the official service it is useful, as with any weather service, there can be mistakes, so be sure to consult more than once source!
Find out more @ www.weathersa.co.za

BBC Weather
Not sure about the information from the official MET office? Well, the BBC is an excellent source for Cape Town weather, as well as weather across the world. They also offer a weather stream accessible via RSS feed, so you can keep track of weather in your web browser, for up to date weather for Cape Town, or anywhere else for that matter.
Find out more @ news.bbc.co.uk/weather/

Cape Town Webcams
Want a little more than just a weather report? A webcam is a great way to get a glimpse of what the weather in various places around Cape Town is doing. Use the links below to check out the Fish Hoek webcam for a live video of Fish Hoek beach or if you prefer take a look at The Corner Surf Shop's webcam for a live view of Muizenberg beach, slightly closer to town. Alternatively if you are planning a trip up the Table Mountain Cableway then be sure to take a look at their visitor information weather and webcam. You'll find all these links below:
Watch the beach @ Webcam Fish Hoek
Watch the beach @ Webcam Muizenberg
See the mountain @ tablemountain.net

Google Seach "weather clifton beach cape town"
Still not sure about what the weather is going to be like? There is a simple solution, use Google to provide you with instant results for weather.
Start a search with "weather", then add your location in the Cape (ie. "camps bay"), then add "cape town".
For an example click this link - weather camps bay cape town

The Weather @ Cape Town International Airport

And there you go, a short little guide to help you find out what the weather in Cape Town, South Africa will be doing. Alternatively you can always click the Extended Forecast link in our Yahoo! Weather Widget in the right hand column of the page to be taken to a Cape Town weather forecast - simple! Just remember, unfortunately weather is always going to be unpredictable, no matter where in the world you are travelling. Cape Town is typically hot and dry in summer months and colder with rain in winter and autumn, having a Subtropical Mediterranean climate.
Find out more about the climate in Cape Town @ Wikipedia here.